How we work

We specialise in supplying high-value premier cut quality diamonds in tailor-made jewellery to suit your needs and budget. Unlike many online retailers, we buy and sell each diamond with expertise and like to meet you to discuss your needs as well as let you choose from a selection of loose diamonds so that each item is tailor-made for you.





A conversation with Céline Gouwy; in house gemologist & manager of the London office and Rob van Beurden; CEO of Diamond House and chief buyer in charge overall.

Céline, could you please introduce yourself and tell us more about Best Diamonds & Designs by Indigo?
Céline: A quick introduction, my name is Céline Gouwy; I am a qualified and experienced gemologist who spent most of her career in laboratories, grading diamonds for professional diamond dealers and jewelers. I am also the significant other of Rob van Beurden who is the CEO of Diamond House and the chief buyer in charge overall.
Best Diamonds and Designs by Indigo were previously owned by Mrs Marchant who started her collaboration with Rob about 15 years ago. When Mrs Marchant decided to retire in 2013, both Indira and Rob convinced me that this position had all the aspects that matched my profile. So all operations of the London office were handed to me. We decided to keep both websites & and name the company Diamond House Jewellery referring to Diamond House, based in Antwerp for the last 30 years.
This is how I started the new chapter of my professional life in London.


Rob, I’d like to start with where you are located. What does being in Antwerp, Belgium, have to do with trust in the diamond industry?
Rob: Antwerp is the Diamond Trade Capital of the World, representing 60% of the world’s diamond market. Many diamond deals are closed on a handshake, so if you aren’t a trustworthy member of the diamond community, you aren’t a member of the diamond community; period. I have become an accepted and trusted partner in the Antwerp diamond community. I have been a member in good standing of the Antwerp Diamond Bourse since 1993. All our diamonds on 0.40 carat or above come with an independent certificate.
That’s good - the diamonds I buy from Diamond House come with a certificate of quality from the most respected diamond organizations in the world. But how do I start - how do I know what kind of diamonds or jewellery to buy?
Rob: That’s where our service comes in. We are not a hard-sales organization. We believe that the best customer is an informed customer, and our diamond and jewellery experts are available by phone, chat or e-mail for any questions you may have about diamonds or jewellery.
The London office for instance is run by Céline Gouwy, our in-house Gemologist who always takes her time to discuss and reveal each 'facet' of the business and of the industry as such.

Céline, how can I buy a diamond from you?
Céline: Tell us what it is that you are looking for by giving us a budget or specifying your preferred Cut, Carat, Colour, and Clarity . We will then reply to you with all-inclusive prices for best cut, certified diamonds.
The next step will be to meet with us in London or Antwerp to view a selection of loose diamonds.
Our office in London is located in The Royal Exchange, 2 Royal Exchange, where we meet clients by appointment only. Orders from London usually take 1-3 weeks to fulfil and require a deposit.

Rob, are diamonds really a good investment?
Rob: If you get your money’s worth from them, they are. By that I mean: if you buy classical, timeless jewellery for example simple diamond solitaire rings, earrings and pendants, you can wear your jewellery for the next 50 years, and even leave it to your loved ones for them to enjoy in future years. But if you throw your jewellery in a box at the back of the closet because it’s hopelessly out of fashion, it’s not a good investment at all.

Céline, why should a purchase from you be better than others?
Céline: We both cut ourselves or buy directly from diamond cutters in Antwerp, then hand-make to order so that we are able to offer you:
•    Higher quality diamonds (including premier cut and ideal cut diamonds) that meet your Cut, Carat, Colour, and Clarity criteria.
•    Fancy coloured diamonds as well as rare and exclusive diamonds.
•    Individual handmade designs tailored to suit your particular tastes. As we have a team of in-house designers and goldsmiths – we can design and create any style of jewellery that you like.
•    Competitive prices, typically saving about 50% when compared many fine designer shops such as Cartier, Tiffany, Boodles...etc
•    The biggest selection of diamonds from the largest diamond marketplace.
•    The best quality, premier cut diamonds at direct from Antwerp prices combined with individual, tailored designs.

And finally, we provide the scientific background of diamonds as such. It's not the sexiest approach to learn about diamonds, but it gives you an insight in f.e. what gives a diamond it's colour and it's clarity. It is highly appreciated by most of our clientele.

Rob, what if I walk down the street, say to a Tiffany’s, and find the same quality diamond at a lesser price?
Rob: I’d say buy it! But chances are that won’t happen. As you might expect with all the competition, Antwerp-sourced diamonds are 30% to 50% less expensive than those you’d find at your local jewellery shops.

Céline, who are your clients?
Céline: Our clients are those who typically want quality, tailor-made pieces at competitive prices.
They usually search for the quality and style of the prestigious designer shops with twice the diamond or around half the price combined with personalised service where each piece is individually tailored.
We get people travelling in from all over the world to see us as we provide the best cut quality diamonds in custom designs at the lowest prices and with more guarantees than anyone else.
Did you know that we were the only ones on the market who offer a free aftercare service including any re-sizing of rings? (except for full diamond eternity bands which have to be made exactly to size).